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May 06, 2011

Oracle Database Firewall

If you run Oralce Database, you may have seen that European analyst and PR firm KuppingerCole “Strongly Recommends” Oracle’s Database Security Offerings.




But, did you know that the Oracle Database Firewall seemlessly integrates with F5 web applications firewall?




Here are some links with more information on how F5 and Oracle have partnered to provide enhanced security for web-based database applications.




Solution Profile:



White Paper:



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  • Does anyone know if they are deployment guides for any specifics needed?


    I've looked in the usual areas and have not ran across any yet.


    Or is this just a standard remote logging profile in the ASM?





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    Dan, the F5 Deployment Guide will be available, shortly. There is an iRule that is involved to make the integration work.



    I've just reached out to the team who is publishing this guidenace and will post when it is available. If you need anything additional, you can contact me directly at



  • For the time being, you can refer to the F5 BIG-IP ASM Chapter of the DBFW 5.0 Administration Guide: