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It is likely the MySQL proxy iRule will not work unless you are running BIG-IP 11.1 and MySQL 5.1, which were the versions tested against. Please contact your F5 salesperson to request this functionality be added natively to BIG-IP ¶ iApp to implement Layer 7 full proxy for MySQL servers. This proxy alleviates the need for a developer to modify his/her application to use multiple database handles when scaling from a standalone MySQL server to a Master/Slave cluster. Read-only queries are sent to the slave pool while all others are sent to the master pool.

This iApp uses iRule functionality that is only available on BIG-IP versions 11.1.0 and later.

The latest version of this iApp is named mysql_proxy.2011-12-02

MySQL Proxy iRule

Contributed by: Ryan Corder

Published Mar 11, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • Can somembody send me the link to the iApp? I would like to download an test the iApp but I can find where to download, tx for helping me out.
  • Better repost the irule (F5 has moved from iApp templates to FAST templates) as F5 for some reason still have not added native sql proxy support and maybe this irule can be modified for MS SQL because F5 does no longer supports it.

  • Would not recommend trying to do this in an iRule unless you want to modify with every version of mysql that is released. There was a solution, yes, but it was highly tuned for specific version and brittle at that. Would highly recommend a 3rd party solution to integrate.