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Sep 26, 2011

Node specific Health Monitor with Host: headers




I have a pair of 3600 BigIP LTMs. I have a site backed by 6 IIS web servers on https.


Each backend server has it's own name, and https cert.



I have a custom HTTPS health check defined in my Monitors, which checks for a valid return string from my back end web servers. The issue is each backend web server has a different name, so I need to send a Host: header in the health check to get the right response. So I cannot have 1 health check monitor for the whole pool, I need a health check monitor which is specific to each back-end webserver.



I have created these in Monitors, and they show up there, but when I go in to the Node list, and view the 'Available Monitors' my monitors do not show up. It seems to be related to HTTPS. If I create an custom ICMP monitor, it shows up, but not any HTTPS ones.



Any ideas?







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  • Hello Paul,



    I think you need to add a specific port in the monitor configuration (Advanced view/Alias Service Port) 443 for example if your nodes listen on the 443. By default, it's all ports and came from the port of the member in the pool.



    Hope this help.







    Sorry for my bad english

    You're a genius Fred - that was it. I needed to specify the Alias port as 443 HTTPS in Advanced Options when defining the Monitor. It's working now.


    Cheers - Paul