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Mar 22, 2018

Need to configure two default route

I have BIG IP 10250. Under that I have created 5 vcmp guest. In the network there is two switch which is connected with F5 and I have allocated 2 F5 ports to connect switch 1 and 2 F5 ports connected to switch 2 for same guest.


Now I have 20 vlan (Vlan 1-10 VIP & Vlan 20-30 Server) in host and it allowed on guest 5.


My requirement is if any user hitting on vlan 1-5 VIP then traffic will return by switch 1 and if user hitting on vlan 6-10 VIP then traffic will return by switch 2. Same topology i need to use for server vlan as well. Vlan will increase timely manner so i need two default route one for switch 1 and another for switch 2


Currently i have default route domain 0 in host as well as in guest. How we achieve this scenario. Do I need to create partition or do i need to create separate route domain? If yes where we need to create under host or guest?


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  • You do not necessarily need to use partitions however I would certainly look to using route domains. If you create the VLANS on the host, the vCMP guests will inherit the VLANS on in the default route domain. On the guest you can assign them to the route domain of your choosing. If you want to use partitions, the VLANs will be created in Common, you'll need to delete these and re-create them in the relevant partition on the guest


  • Hi nemas_341981

    Did you get a way out of this?
    If yes, then please let me know how did you go about it.