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Jul 19, 2023

MacOS Mail Can Not Login To Account


My organization has recently deployed BIG-IP APM in front of our Exchange Server, so we first enter login credentials to BIG-IP APM's login page and then are directed to the Outlook web access page as logged in.

My problem is, I can not use MacOS native mail client and MS Outlook anymore after this deployment. Both software can not log in to the exchange account anymore. On the other hand, the IOS mail app works as always, with no problem at all.

How can I solve this issue?


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  • Hey dackard - I saw that nobody has answered, so I'm poking around for you. If nobody answers by Monday, I'll feature your question in the Weekly Highlights to boost visibility. This does seem more urgent, though - so it may be worth contacting F5 Support for assistance. 

  • Hey dackard  - are you still having the problem? If not, could you share the resolution? If yes, Kees may be able to help if you answer his question about the Visual Policy assigned in APM.