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Apr 20, 2011

LTM Setup to Offload POPS, SMTPS, IMAPS Traffic




My server admin unit wants me to setup an LTM to terminate and offload SMTPS, POPS, IMAPS traffic from clients, destined to some mail servers.



I have configured and associated a Client SSL profile to the virtual servers for the individual protocols.



However, the servers are also operating on the secure ports of 465, 995 and 993. Therefore I am wondering if it is necessary to create a Server SSL profile too for the communication between the LTM and the servers ?



Thanks in advance for your assistance.






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  • Yes, you'll need a serverside SSL profile if the servers are expecting secure traffic. Are you doing anything at the LTM that requires offloading? if just doing simple load balancing, you can just pass the traffic through securely.
  • Hi Jason,



    Thanks for your helpful response.



    I am performing only simple load-balancing on the LTM, nothing else.



    If I want to allow the secure traffic to pass through without terminating, could I accomplished that by simply setting the SSL Profile (Client/Server) options to NONE in the virtual servers configuration?








  • Yes, if just load balancing, don't mess with the client/server ssl profiles at all and the traffic will pass through encrypted with no problems.