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iApp for setting up SMTPS and/or straight SMTP. This is just an extended version of the SMTP iApp with added SSL support and improved monitoring. Contains contributions by members of the Devcentral community.

Moved to GitHub since the zip attachment disappeared.

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git clone

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Published Mar 11, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • Fantastic! Thanks for posting this repo. Do you think any of the updates should make it back into the source iApp from F5?
  • Hi Chase, Looking at the code, it seems it now has scripted monitor support. Also has support for iRules, which I just discovered a need for. I'll try the F5 one but it does look like mine's been obsoleted. If I notice anything missing I'll let you know. Cheers!
  • The key difference is that mine creates up to three virtual servers depending on the settings. Ports: 25 (straight SMTP only); 465 (expect SSL/TLS); 587 (STARTTLS optional). Mine also has no ipv6 support. The smtps profile is awesome... yoink! I'm going to incorporate some of the F5 iApp back into mine and replace the iRule with the profile awesomeness. Looking at it now, I think a good SMTP iApp should provide up to 3 ports based on your settings like so... 25 (STARTTLS "Allow" optional); 465 (expect SSL/TLS); 587 (STARTTLS "Require"). If you could put those features in I'd use the F5 one instead.
  • If you opt not to permit insecure SMTP you'd obviously force STARTTLS on port 25 (and port 25 would then be configured the same as 587). It seems like the client manages to send their credentials before they get the message that it's not allowed anyway, which is why port 465 is my favorite and should be promoted as the preferred SMTP option for clients to use.