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Minimum required BIG-IP version: 11.4.0. Supported BIG-IP versions: 11.4.0-12.0

v1.0.0rc1 iApp template for configuring standard load balancing, monitoring, SSL offloading, and TCP optimization for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). The template also supports deploying F5's Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM), when AFM is licensed and provisioned.

v1.0.0rc2 There were no changes to the functionality in this release. Minor changes to clarify some of the questions and answers. Added inline help entries.

v1.0.0rc3 Fixed an issue with the associated cli script that could prevent users from importing iApp templates.

v1.0.0rc4 Fixed an issue with selecting password-protected encryption keys. To use a password-protected encryption key, you must create an SSL profile that uses the key and specify that profile where indicated in the iApp template.

v1.0.0rc5 Fixed an issue with incorrectly formatted external monitor scripts.

v1.0.0rc7 Fixed an issue with monitors utilized in the server-side ssl scenarios, as a result the openssl eav monitor is used in the 'no msg submitted' monitor scenarios. A fifth monitor option was presented as well to break the 'auth/no msg' option into basic and ntlm so the iApp can use openssl if Basic(auth login) is selected. - This release also allows a custom receive string to be specified(advanced must be selected).

v1.0.0rc8 Minor updates and enhancements to the monitor choices.

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Published Apr 30, 2015
Version 1.0

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