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Oct 12, 2022

LTM Authentication Profiles EOL?

Hi all,
I have a customer which is making intensive use of LTM Authentication Profiles.
We are told by our F5 representative when v13 was released this time that LTM auth profiles will be EOL some day.
I told my customer he should plan to go to APM to use auth in LTM.

Now we're on v16 and the LTM auth profiles seem still to be available.
I couldn't find any information about when LTM auth profiles will be EOL.

Can someone from F5 enlighten me so that I can give this information to the customer?

Thank you

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    Oct 13, 2022

    That was spam, Peter_Baumann, sorry about that. 

    They've actually been EoTS (as LTM components comprised in the Advanced Client Authentication module) since Dec 1, 2015 as covered in K14263. So whereas they might still work, they are not supported at all and should be migrated away from in favor of an APM configuration.

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