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Dec 05, 2018

Local Traffic Policies Traffic matched order

This is about the Local Traffic >> Policies : Policy List.


Using the LTM / ASM version 12.1.3 it looks as the order of actions performed in the box "Do the following when the traffic is matched" is important. The security policy kicked in after moving the "Enable asm" above the "Forward traffic". However there is nothing mentioned about the order, also no options to change the order. Can someone confirm this behaviour ?


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  • Is the question related to the order between two different LTM policies?


    In this case it doesn't matter, the forwarding will come after the ASM processing anyway.


  • The process order is always the same

    LTM Virtual server match —> AFM policy —>  LTM policies —> irules —> APM policy —> ASM policy —-> load balancing    

    Ltm policies actions order doesn’t change this!!!