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Jan 16, 2020

IO Bridge on VIP

BIG-IP 12.1.5 Build 0.0.6 Final




Am trying to configure an IO Bridge to work on my Virtual interface. Setup is as follows:


I have a PPD Device that connect via a USB and installs an IO Bridge from my laptop (local random port 50000 - 51000) to the remote application server port 8102. the Web application service runs on port 8100 and through the web app am able to call for the PPD device to become active and be able to manage the System endpoints (Hardware devices) and configure them using the PPD. An IO bridge is opeed between mylatpop (where the PPD Device is conected and the application server port 8102)


Bypassing the F5 (accessing the web service directly) am able to go to the PPD utility button and the device activates. I should be able to do the same when am accessing the webservice via the VIP.


Any pointers?



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    I am running into the same issue and wonder if you ever got this to work?

  • Make sure you don't have an http profile applied to the VS, preferably performance layer 4 for TCP, or forwarding. Check that the traffic is being attracted by the VS - do a tcpdump and check the VS stats.