Lightboard Lessons: Vip Targeting Vip

You’ve seen our Whiteboard Wednesday videos, but we are kicking it up a notch with our new “Lightboard Lessons” video series. In this video, I cover the basics of how to pass traffic from one virtual server to another on the same BIG-IP (what we affectionately call the vip targeting vip solution) and a couple use cases I’ve used in production and test scenarios (articles of which are linked below in the resources.)


Published Nov 04, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • I use this format quite a bit. Put APM on an external vip, and use an irule to direct traffic to standard internal vips. This lends itself well for use with split horizon DNS, and permits easy remote access. Using a wildcard certificate or SNI with multiple client ssl profiles makes this extremely flexible.
  • Great explanation! VIP to VIP now works! when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { virtual _____ }