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Apr 08, 2015

Impact of key size in SSL TPS



According to SOL13067 the impact of move from 1K keys to 2K keys is around a factor of 1/5, decreasing the maximum SSL TPS from 50.000 to 10.000 in a Viprion B2150. I've been asked about the impact of moving to 4K keys for both server certificates (virtual servers) and client certificates (client authentication). Could I assume a performance reduction of 1/5 too? So I'd get about 2.000 SSL TPS with 4K keys, right?


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    It talks about 4k keys in the SOL you reference:


    "Note: F5 Product Development has not yet completed performance testing for the impact of 4096-bit keys. However, they have determined the theoretical impact could be as much as a 17x performance decrease over 1024-bit keys."


    You may wish to raise a support case to see if there is any update on this but i see the SOL was last modified this month so there may not be any more info.