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Jul 10, 2016

Images not loading when page accessed via LTM

Hi, I have a deployment load balancing two app servers. Users are able to get response from the servers but the called webpage returns WITHOUT the images in the page. When the servers are called without LTM, the webpage comes back normal but images are witheld with LTM in place.

I have the following configured for the VS:

Cookie persistence profile
Tcp-lan-optimized compression
SNAT Auto map

I have removed and added each of these VS properties in turn with the same result for all.

Please, what am I possibly missing? Thanks!

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  • Are you offloading SSL by any chance ? If so, you've probably got http:// links to the images in the page content, and this is best fixed at the webserver (by using relative URLs, not absolute ones), but can, at a push, also be fixed with the stream profile.


    I suggest you right click on one of the broken images, and try and load it directly, to see what the actual error is.


  • I've updated your question title to be more descriptive.


  • Ok. Now, I have been able to fix this using a stream profile that replaces the IP:PORT portion of the absolute URL to what the server expects. I don't like the solution but it resolves the issue. Another observation is that the webserver app is poorly designed to refer to absolute, rather than relative URLs. That is that.


    Another issue is that the Java Applet on the app is not running when accessed from the VS. I'll probably launch this new issue under a different title?




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      Hi Omojola,

      Hope you are doing well!

      By any chance did you get the solution for above issue ? I got similar issue