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Apr 23, 2015

iControlREST API for Zone Runner records?



Is it possible to create DNS A records in the Zone Runner using the restful API?


I couldn't find anything related to that in the GTM API ( and the closest entry seems to be but it isn't exactly what I'm looking for.


Thank you.


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      Don't see any zonerunner REST API being developed, need a lot more interest to get this done.


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      We are using zones as our main dns server and it controls hundreds of records. We will be doing a migration to our DR datacenter, which includes IP changes. I was hoping we could use the iCotrols with Ansible to make this easy. Any chance we can get someone to take a look at adding the functionality of adding/deleting/changing IP's? :)


      I did find this,, which we will be looking to use in the meantime.


      Thanks, David


  • Good question; I need to know this also... actually I need to pull a zone list via rest/soap; again only from ZoneRunner... can't find anything in the docs.
  • We are also in need of this. I can't find anything in the docs that shows how to update the Zone Runner records through the REST API.
  • I would also like to modify ZoneRunner records via the API. It does not appear to be doable at this time. Is this planned for future versions?
  • Hello Marcelo, There are no native REST API endpoints for zone runner and there is no planned development around this.