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Sep 01, 2023

Zon Runner resource record delayed population

Hi All,

I have F5 GTM and when creating a record, it is taking so much time to be populated on the internet.


For example, I created PTR record and it took more than 30 min to be populated online.

Even that, the record was not showing using the dnsxdump utility.

After a long time, record appeared using the dnsxdump and I was able to resolve it online.


Is there anyway to fasten the population process or it is normal? Coz this is not the situation when working with diffrenet vendors, infoblox for example. Where records were populated immediately.



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  • Hi  Khaled_HA , 

    Have you checked the LDNS cache for internet population ? 

    For the dnsxdump >> I believe you did the internal zone transfer from Bigip local BIND ( which created by Zonerunner ) to be serverd by DNSexpress , Correct ? 

    maybe you have an issue with syncing the changes / new zones or records creations with DNSexpress 
    So please try to open the name configuration tab and add this statement in your configs under allow-transfer

    also-notify {Listner_IP_address_of_bigip;};


    I'm not sure which IP will be used but try the TCP Listner IP or the internal local host ip , because in zone transferes bigip relies on it's TCP listner to sync Zone changes/or updates so just try both of ips , by this you allow BIND to notify DNSexpress that new record added. 

    I faced this scenario but there were 2 DNS servers ( DNS master and bigip as a slave ) I used also-notify statment to allow-notify and share the updates quickly between Master and slave DNS server. 

    Try all of this , and if this not solved your issue , let me know more about your issue or design flow. 

    I hope this helps you 🙂 

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      Dear Mohammed,


      Appreciate your support, but how can I check the LDNS cache for internet population?



      • Hi Khaled_HA , 

        I meant if you're working for Corp users within enterprise , so you will have access on LDNS that serves intenal users. 

        if this world-wide production through public internet of course you can't check LDNSs. 

        but anyway , it was just primary troubleshooting , and if there is a deley in DNSxdump output updates , you need to check the second part that I explained above in the first comment.