Solution for delayed BIG-IP page load of the Configuration utility


Problem Statement :

Hints -Many people have encountered this issue while performing a configuration review/changes on F5, and our patience may have also been tested at times, but there is a solution to this problem.

The page load of the Configuration utility may be delayed and getting a following message when configuration being retrieved from F5:

Loading ....
Receiving Configuration data from your device


Solution :

When the Display Host Names When Possible option on the System > Preferences page is enabled, the BIG-IP system tries to resolve each IP address displayed as the page loads. The page may not fully load before the Tomcat process's five-minute timeout expires, depending on the number of displayed addresses requiring resolution and the availability and response of the DNS servers. If the timeout expires before the page fully loads, Tomcat reconnects and the page load is terminated.

GUI Steps :

System > Preferences > System Settings > Display Host Names When Possible -> Uncheck the box

Cli commands:

Verify -> tmsh list sys db ui.system.preferences.displayhostnameswhenpossible

Execute -> tmsh modify sys db ui.system.preferences.displayhostnameswhenpossible value false
tmsh save sys config

Note : - Because this is a custom database setting, it will not be synced to any HA Peers and must be done on each device in a Sync Group. No impact as well.


Published Mar 22, 2023
Version 1.0

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