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Jun 20, 2020

ICAP integration between F5 and third party antivirus device

F5 configured as a reverse proxy , integrated with third party antivirus scanner using icap protocol.

icap adapt profile is binded in virtual servers, we could see every alternate requests were failing where payload were missing.

the AV device was not receiving any traffic during issues.

icap_adapt profile was removed and re-added , problem was resolved.

concern here is, we have 100+ url's and now we need to unbind and bind icap profile for all to solve this issue.

there were no changes done on AV scan appliance, just removal and addition of profile solved the problem.

what is the issue here, how can removal and re-binding of icap_adapt profile can resolve an issue.


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  • it has been just two days, so perhaps someone will come up with an answer.


    but i would advise you to open a support ticket for this at F5, it sounds very much like something support can investigate much better than hoping someone encountered exactly the same and will reply here.

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    yeah boney, ticket is been raised and they are also working on it.