F5 ICAP over SSL/TLS (Secure ICAP) with F5 ASM/AWAF Antivirus Protection feature

As mentioned in article https://my.f5.com/manage/s/article/K17964220  (K17964220: Is it possible to activate antivirus checking using ICAP over SSL?) for ICAP over SSL/TLS the F5 LTM option with Adapt Request/Response profiles needs to be used but there could be a potential workaround.


A Virtual Server can be created that has a server-side SSL profile and on the client side it is listening for unencrypted ICAP traffic. The Virtual server can have any kind of an IP address as it can be configured to listen on a Vlan that only exists on F5 system and it is not attached to any interface or trunk as the purpose is the F5 AWAF module internally to forward the Antivirus ICAP traffic to the Virtual server that will encrypt it and send it to the pool of the real ICAP servers.


As there is no official statement from F5 about this option, better test if it works correctly on your TMOS version, see the Virtual Server statistics and do tcpdumps to see the traffic being send to the F5 pool members!



This will also allow to use multiple icap servers in a pool not just one and maybe some iRules but for a better iRule support the LTM ADAPT Profiles option seems the way to go.


This may solve the issue with ICAP over SSL but F5 anti-virus protection in the F5 AWAF/ASM module still has some other limitations like the ones mentioned below that could force the use of the LTM Adapt profiles:

If you decide to use the LTM Adapt profiles, because of the AWAF antivirus protection limitations that I mentioned, also configure some iRules or Local traffic policies that will limit the traffic being send to the ICAP servers for scanning like only POST requests for the URL where customers upload files, etc. You can see the examples at (the example is for SSL Orchestrator but in the background SSLO uses Adapt profiles for it's ICAP service):



Updated Aug 17, 2023
Version 2.0

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