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Jul 03, 2012

health monitor question

Guys I have a health monitor question. I have an HTTP monitor called lbcheck.htm



GET /lbcheck.htm




no send/receive string




My question is about authentication.




On some servers, this monitor will return content and keep the node up if the username and password field is blank. On other servers, something has to be in those fields. In these instances I put an arbitrary username and password and then the monitor works.




Can anyone tell me why with some servers empty auth is suffice but with others an arbitrary username and password is needed?


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  • isn't authentication required on those servers i.e. the one you have to put username and password?



    as i know, without receive string, health monitor will always mark pool member up if there is response. any response except tcp reset will work e.g. http status 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, etc.
  • Thanks nitass



    That is correct we are just looking for 200



    whats interesting is on servers where there is no authentication needed, the arbitrary auth username and password works.. but on servers where a blank username and password does not work - ANY content in the username/password field will work



    very weird
  • That is correct we are just looking for 200 can you try to set "200 OK" as receive string?