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Apr 21, 2016

Getting the following error when trying to upgrade device from version 11.4 to 12.0

info: >++++ result: info: mount: proc already mounted or /mnt/tm_install/14834.2RmAWa/proc busy info: mount: according to mtab, proc is already mounted on /mnt/tm_install/14834.2RmAWa/proc info: >---...
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    Apr 22, 2016

    User error! I was misreading this step: From the Source Volume list, select the location of the configuration to install when activating the boot location of the new software image. For example, for an installation of a new software image on HD1.3, selecting HD1.2:11.6.0 installs a version 11.6.0 configuration.


    In the guide:


    I was installing a software image from HD1.3 and selecting HD1.3, instead of the HD that has my current configuration which is 1.1