Upgrade BigIP using Ansible

Problem this snippet solves:

A simple, and possibly poor, ansible playbook for upgrading devices.

Allows separating devices into two "reboot groups" to allow rolling restarts of clusters.

How to use this snippet:

Clone or download the repository.

Update the hosts.ini inventory file to your requirements

Run ansible-playbook -i hosts.ini upgrade.yaml

The script will identify a boot location to use from the first two on your big-ip system, will upload and install the image, and will then activate the boot location for each "reboot group" sequentially.

Tested this on version:

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Published Jul 11, 2020
Version 1.0

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  • great script.. i wrote something similar..


    the only thing i added cpcfg to copy the config from HD1.1 to HD1.2


    - name: Copy the config from HD1.1 to HD1.2 cpcfg --source=HD1.1 --reboot HD1.2 raw: curl -u "{{ansible_user}}":"{{ansible_ssh_pass}}" -k https://"{{ansible_host}}":8443/mgmt/tm/util/bash -H "Content-type:application/json" -d "{\"command\":\"run\",\"utilCmdArgs\":\"-c 'cpcfg --source=HD1.1 --reboot HD1.2'\"}"ignore_errors: Trueregister: cpcfg



  • Thanks Sebastian, and kudos for the presentation on DevCentral Connect. It was when watching a previous video and they mentioned you'd automated it that I thought "I could do that".


    I haven't found myself needing to have a task to copy the config. I've tested it (in a VE lab) with new boot locations and it looks as though the copy config is implicit in the bigip_software_install task. Have you had experience of it not copying the config over?

  • This is a great playbook, but I am having an issue. When upgrading from version to version I'm getting and error message Failed to create the resource on the upload task. I have confirmed the version is available for download and I have space on the F5. Not sure where to go from here??

  • I should have also included that the playbook works great when going from to I'm using Ansible 2.9