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Aug 07, 2023

favicon.ico code 302


I use ASM version and we have some issue with favicon error code 302,

when we go via the asm we get status code 302 

When we bypass the asm it works just fine:

I read some aritcals about this they mention redirect irule,

In my policy I dont have any redirect Irule


Any idea what could be the issue ?

  • Hi,

    I solved the issue, 

    The java challnge in the Bot profile cause the problem


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  • is ASM or your application issuing that 302? Not really an error, though, it's a redirect. Hard to tell from your image, but it looks like the actual favicon is a different URI path than what is being requested in the first image.

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      Hi JRahm,

      Thank you for your reply,

      you are right its code 302 which means some redirect, the problem is that I didnt find any redirect that related 

      I will continue to search one

      Any idea if it could be something else other then redirect ?

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        I found that with FireFox It's the same code 302, but this browser shows the right favicons

        Any Idea why I get this status code 302 ?

        It must be some redirect that I missed or it could something else ?
        When i bypass the bigip I get the right Favicons and no status code 302, only 200 ok