Game: National Coding Week Escape Room Is Live!

National Coding Week starts Wednesday, but kick this week off right! If you like puzzles, check out JRahm's National Coding Week Escape Room, which is live now.

It works like this: Sign up on the escape room site for access to game play. They have some public games there as well that you can play beforehand to get the feel of how the game interaction works, this will help you on time!

You'll click around on objects to find clues that will unlock other objects until you escape! This adventure might require coding and will whisk you away to DevCentral and F5 Labs to gather clues. Are you up to the challenge? If you escape, post your time below for bragging rights!

We hope you have fun with this escape room during National Coding Week! We definitely had fun making it. If you get stuck, shoot a DM to JRahm.


  • A couple of the shortURL hyperlinks have extra characters that break. One has a trailing bracket and one has a trailing period. Remove those and you're good to go.
  • When you escape, the message says to post your results at <dc thread>, which was created before this thread existed and I forgot to update it before publishing the game. The thread is right here, just make a coment below with your escape time.

Updated Sep 13, 2022
Version 8.0

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  • This took me a rather embarassing 20 minutes to complete; in my defence, I was in a meeting at the same time..

    [edit] Just to add a tool that folks might find useful in completing some of the challenges - - very handy if you need to turn one kind of data into another, decrypt, decipher etc!