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Nov 21, 2023



I have 2 F5 in Active/Passive mode, each F5 is configured as follows:

- Vlan-IN
-- Trunk-IN
--- Interface-Bundles-1 : 4 ports (1.1 to 1.4)
--- Interface-Bundles-2 : 4 ports (1.5 to 1.8)

- Vlan-OUT
-- Trunk-OUT
--- Interface-Bundles-1 : 4 ports (1.9 to 1.12)
--- Interface-Bundles-2 : 4 ports (1.13 to 1.16)

Is it possible to configure a failover of the active/passive utility if 1 port is down?
Failover is configured / VLAN Fail-safe, but I want to configure it too if 1 port goes down


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  • Hello Paulius 

    Thank you for your feedback
    With the HA Group you can monitor Trunk-x which contains 2 Interface-Bundles, not 8 ports!
    I want to failover if at least 1 port (not interface-bundles) is down

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    Thank you.

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      cpt_ri_F5 My missunderstanding on your configuration. By default if an interface goes down the F5 should automatically failover without any adjustments.

  • Hi Paulius 

    Yes, I wish that if an interface, for example, port 1.1, goes down, the F5 should failover.


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      cpt_ri_F5 The F5 will failover when any routed interface goes down by default so you do not have to do anything to make this work.