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Jan 13, 2024

F5 Journeys Migration Deployment Failure

Hello all,

I'm migrating configurations off a pair of BIG-IP 5050 appliances to new R2800's devices. The 5050's are running code version 15.1.5 and the rseries For some reason, I'm getting the error below when attempting to migrate the UCS file with Journeys:

Deployment stage 'Deploy UCS' failed with the exception: Extracting manifest: /var/tmp/install_all/plaintext.ucs Product : BIG-IP Platform: UCS : C109 System: Z101 Version : UCS : System: Edition : UCS : Point Release 1 System: Point Release 3 Hostname: UCS : System: The system hostname is changed to Installing --full-- configuration on host Installing configuration... GETDBVAL: Lookup DB provision.restjavad.extramb GETDBVAL: Result >>>>> Unable to find variable: provision.restjavad.extramb <<<<< RU: No PRE; RU false; leave to default to 384 ATTENTION REQUIRED: Your previous configuration files have been archived, as listed below. If you customized any settings in these files before upgrading, you will need to manually restore those changes by using the Configuration utility or Traffic Management Shell (tmsh). Archiving /config/wa/pvsystem.conf. Archiving /config/wa/globalfragment.xml. Archiving /config/wa/pvsystem.dtd. Post-processing... usermod: no changes Reloading License and configuration - this may take a few minutes... Configuration loading error: high-config-load-failed For additional details, please see messages in /var/log/ltm WARNING: There were one or more errors detected during installation. Check the error messages and take the proper actions if needed. ERROR: UCS installation failed. Operation aborted. Unexpected Error: UCS loading process failed.


Any ideas?


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  • Franky-frank-reg7 - is this next steps you are trying to take from a previous question?
    Which also seems like it was not yet resolved

    If you are still stuck I'll see if I can find an internal SME to help.
    If you happen to have already opened a support ticket for this I'll add that to the escalation.


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      Hi LiefZimmerman 

      Yes, exactly no one answered the first question. I tried to take a step ahead and got stuck on the second question. No support cases opened as they typically only do break fix I thought support wouldn't help with this.

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        OK - I'll see if I can locate someone internally who can provide some guidance.