Welcome to the F5 BIG-IP Migration Assistant - Now the F5 Journeys App

The older F5 BIG-IP Migration Assistant is deprecated and is replaced by F5 Journeys.

Welcome to the F5 Journeys App - BIG-IP Upgrade and Migration Utility

F5 Journeys App Readme @ Github

What is it?

The F5® Journeys BIG-IP upgrade and migration utility is a tool freely distributed by F5 to facilitate migrating BIG-IP configurations between different platforms. F5 Journeys is a downloadable assistant that coordinates the logistics required to migrate a BIG-IP configuration from one BIG-IP instance to another.

Why do I need it?

JOURNEYS is an application designed to assist F5 Customers with migrating a BIG-IP configuration to a new F5 device and enable new ways of migrating.

Supported journeys:

  • Full Config migration - migrating a BIG-IP configuration from any version starting at 11.5.0 to a higher one, including VELOS and rSeries systems.
  • Application Service migration - migrating mission critical Applications and their dependencies to a new AS3 configuration and deploying it to a BIG-IP instance of choice.

What does it do?

It does a bunch of stuff:

  • Loading UCS or UCS+AS3 source configurations
  • Flagging source configuration feature parity gaps and fixing them with provided built-in solutions
  • Load validation
  • Deployment of the updated configuration to a destination device, including VELOS and rSeries VM tenants
  • Post-migration diagnostics
  • Generating detailed PDF reports at every stage of the journey

Full config BIG-IP migrations are supported for software paths according to the following matrix:

  X 11.x 12.x 13.x 14.x 15.x 16.x
  <11.5 X X X X^ X^  
  12.x   X X X X^  
SRC 13.x     X X X  
  14.x       X X X
  15.x         X X

How does it work?

F5 Journeys App manages the logistics of a configuration migration. The F5 Journeys App either generates or accepts a UCS file from you, prompts you for a destination BIG-IP instance, and manages the migration. The destination BIG-IP instance has a tmsh command that performs the migration from a UCS to a running system. F5 Journeys uses this tmsh command to accomplish the migration using the platform-migrate option (see more details K82540512) .

The F5 Journeys App prompts you to enter a source BIG-IP (or upload a UCS file), the master key password, and destination BIG-IP instance. Once the tool obtains this information, it allows you to migrate the source BIG-IP configuration to the destination BIG-IP instance either entirely or in a per-application depending what you choose.

Where do I obtain it?

 F5 Journeys App Readme @ Github

What can go wrong?

Bug reporting

Let us know if something went wrong. By reporting issues, you support development of this project and get a chance of having it fixed soon. Please use bug template available here and attach the journeys.log file from the working directory (

by default)

Feature requests

Ideas for enhancements are welcome here

For questions or further discussion please leave your comments below. Enjoy!

Updated Jun 06, 2023
Version 3.0

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