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Apr 10, 2012

F5 GTM - Delegating DNS traffic to Wide IPs

I am trying to accomplish the following; is the name server for and I would like to forward DNS queries to the GTM for its configured WIPs (eg:






Can someone expand on the steps for Creating a delegated zone on a local DNS server(link above)?



Would I be creating the following?



GTM Config


Create WIP with associate pools/virtual servers on GTM


Create tcp/udp listener for self IP address on GTM Config


Create A record FQDN


Create delegated zone


Create NS within delegated zone as


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    Follow-up: I have validated the above configurations, but I encountered a issue with GTM replying back with a private IP address. Both our GTM and LTM appliances have private IP addresses that reside in a DMZ network, so I had to manually create the virtual server with a translation instead of utilizing the iQuery autodiscovery.