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Jul 10, 2023

configuration of mx record with using wide IP


I need steps to make an mx record using wide IP, how I can make this, and if this applicable it will require adding the mail getaway as a server so it will applicable to create a virtual server and thin creat pool to attach it on wide IP 

  • this the steps how to configure the MX record by using wild IP,

    Intelligently Resolve MX Queries :

    Create Physical and Logical Configuration Objects
    Remember to uncheck Verify Member Availability when creating pools. Use Round Robin as the
    Preferred load balancing method throughout:
    Add virtual servers
    1. Add a virtual server named london_mail_vs at to the BIG-IP LTM server in the
    London data center.
    2. Add a virtual server named singapore_mail_vs at to the BIG-IP LTM server in
    the Singapore data center.
    Create two A-type pools
    3. Create an A-type pool named mail1_trainX_pool with member singapore_mail_vs
    4. Create an A-type pool named mail2_trainX_pool with member london_mail_vs (200.1.10:993).
    Create two A-type wide IPs
    5. Create an A-type wide IP named that load balances using pool
    6. Create an A-type wide IP named that load balances using pool

    Create an MX-type pool
    7. Create an MX-type pool named mail_trainX_pool that load balances using wide IPs and
    Create an MX-type wide IP
    8. Create an MX-type wide IP named that load balances using pool

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  • Hi Amr_Ali, in reviewing this post as well (and this post too), it seems you're trying to set the F5 DNS up as primary for your zones. If that's the case, you likely do not want the MX record as a wideIP, but rather to establish it along with your other zone-only details (SPF, text records, etc) in bind, which on the F5 appliances is done in the ZoneRunner tab in the GUI. Whereas you can do an MX wideIP, I'd reserve the wideIPs for traffic that is being distributed to your data centers based on metrics for application traffic.

    Of course, if the zones themselves ARE your application traffic, ignore what I said... 😎

    • Hello JRahm,

      thanks for your information, please if you can share with me an article with steps for how we can make  MX records using wildeIP , 

      and as I know if I configured the MX record with wildeIP, I will need to create a server with type generic host thin configure VS and attach this virtual server to the pool, and then attach this pool to wildeIP , 

      so if I understand correctly what will be the IP of the server ????!!!

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        hi Amr_Ali, I'd recommend reading the implementations manual here to get an idea of how you want to proceed. Ultimately, you need an authoritative server to respond to queries of all types. If you are using a wideIP to respond, it is assumed you have other servers that the wideIP will select to respond to those queries.