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Mar 01, 2023

F5 edge client with OIDC and yubikey

Hi All 

i am implementing oAuth with OIDC - it is woking fine when logging on through the browser but failing when trying edgeclinet - i have configured oAuth setting on the connectivity profile but it is stil failing .

my oAuth provider is Forgerock .

any suggestions?


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  • Hey awan_m - FYI I've asked a teammate to come help answer your question if nobody else drops some knowledge here soon. 

  • Thanks - in my case - i have setup 0Auth with - openID - and it works fine in the browser , meaning yubi key works fine when authenticating through browser - but it fails when i try with Edge clinet - can someone help in that regard


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      thanks for this - my authentication provider is forgerock and oAuth with openid is working -

      the problem is the Edge client - as you showed in your video it should open the browser and authenticate and VPN should establish - and that happens - but it also opens its embidded browser where yubikey fails.

      Question how do i configure it in a way where iy does not open the embidded browser?embedded

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        If the embedded browser opens, it means OIDC edge client config is wrong. It should open a real browser window.

        Check your edge client config.