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Jul 26, 2019

F5 App Error - Routing Table Could Not be Patched - MacOS

Hi All,


I've been having issues with connecting to F5 VPN BIG-IP Edge client with the newer Macbook Pro with the i9 Processor 15" running the Mojave MacOS. It goes through the checks ok and before it connects it disconnects straight away and keeps reconnecting then disconnecting again. Using another mac machine (Macbook Air) I'm able to connect perfectly fine with the exact same settings.


I've done a clean install on both machines to see if I could replicate the issue but it looks like it could either be a software/hardware locally with the machine not being able to write to the routing table. I've contacted the our F5 support team that we use and the logs say that it's connecting fine but it just drops out on the local machines end.


Looking at the debugging logs I can see that I get an error:


2019-07-16, 15:45:35:000, 853, 853, edge, 48,  Tunnel Server, Connecting state

2019-07-16, 15:45:36:000, 853, 853, edge, 2,  Disconnected state, Error code, Routing table cannot be patched


Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Or how to resolve the Routing Table cannot be patched?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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  • Edge client issues are often due to software incompability (which edge client version / big-ip version is used?), restricted rights (tried as admin?) or other VPN / security software getting in between.


    it is tricky to say here what is your exact issue. can you contact F5 support? they can more easily check with you.


    if not you might want to try on a more clean/ freshly installed system first and see if it works there.