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Dec 04, 2015

Empty Virtual Address List on ASM BIG-IP



What could be reason that no VIP is listed in Virtual Address List - I never seen something like that before. It's HA pair in Active-Active configuration with two Traffic Groups running on BIG-IP 2000 devices with 11.6.x TMOS licensed for ASM only.


There is plenty of VS defined and when checking in TG - Objests I can see different VIPs in both TG. I can as well change TG for self IPs.


But there is no way I can find to change it for VIPs - as there are no VIPs in the list.


Is that something specific to ASM only license on BIG-IPs?




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  • Pardon me if I'm misunderstanding what you're describing, but if they're not also licensed for LTM, there would be no VS to display correct?


  • Well, you can buy ASM only licensed BIG-IP - and that is the case. BIG-IP working as WAF only - if I am not wrong it's still using LTM as a base but with limitation that you can't use any LB - just pools with one pool member. I am not aware of any more limitations for such license - is there any?




  • Virtual address list may be empty if you are not in the right partition.


  • Hi,


    I doubt it's partition related issue as we were creating mew VS in Common and no VIP showed up. Can't check right now but I am pretty sure only Common partition exists on device. That is the reason I am asking - never saw such situation before. I as well never played with devices licensed only for ASM (so basic LTM without LB) but it doesn't make sense why VIPs should not be listed for this kind of licenses.