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  • I have Added DS Record for each Subdomain which i get from the DNSSEC enabled for Master Domain.

    But i still seeing the result in which it is asking the DNSKEY is not added againt subdomain.

  • Each parent DNS zone (e.g., that is DNSSEC-signed must contain, along with it's own DNSKEY records that publish it's own public Key-Signing-Key (KSK) and Zone-Signing-Key (ZSK), the DS records for any child subzones (e.g., that are underneath it.


    The DS records that are published in the parent DNS zone vouch for the validity of the KSK of the child DNS zone; specifically, the DS records contain a hash of the child zone's KSK, with that KSK itself being published in the child zone's own set of DNSKEY records.


    Likewise, the child zone must host DS records for any subzones underneath it (e.g., And so on.


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      Frabotta thanks for reply,

      Actually i have googled alot but i didn't find how to add DS for Child zone , but in the end i was sucessful, i followed below

      first i created a two keys KSK and ZSK for Parent Zone,

      then i create the DNSSEC Zone and call both keys in it.

      After that i copy the DS record from parent zone and created DS record with all the values from KSK of parent zone into it.

      Now when i check the chain i face the error of DNSKEY not found in Child zone.Attach is the pic

      I serach the Book but i didn't find how i can do it, one another thing that,

      All zones are managed by BigIP DNS, no local DNS.

      and in attached pic you can also see the DS record is missing with .com. how we can resolve it as this domain is regietered with Godaddy.


  • Thank you for providing a detailed problem description ...


    I manually verified that the report is correct ... There are two fundamental issues that need to be addressed to have both DATICLOUD.COM and HOSTING.DATICLOUD.COM enabled as part of the DNSSEC chain-of-trust:


    [1] The COM zone needs to insert the applicable DS records for DATICLOUD.COM for at least one of the two DNSKEY 257 records (key tags 12391 and 

    44515) that you are publishing. You can extract the DS records utilizing the textual output from:


    tmsh list /ltm dns dnssec zone <dnssec zone name> all-properties


    [2] Although the DATICLOUD.COM zone does publish a DS record for the HOSTING.DATAICLOUD.COM zone for the DNSSEC Key-Signing-Key (KSK) key tag 44515:

  86400 IN DS 44515 8 1 315156660E8FF103742A2958C45A9C933754628B


    there are no DNSKEY records at all being published in the HOSTING.DATICLOUD.COM zone itself. I'm not sure why this is, but you definitely need to publish your DNSKEY records. After you do, ensure that at least one of them is for KSK key tag 44515, otherwise you will now need to replace the DS record in DATICLOUD.COM with a new one that is now applicable for HOSTING.DATICLOUD.COM.


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      Dear Frabotta,


      thanks for detail response how i can publish the DNSKEY can you share the steps.

      As i explained above the DS record is from the KSK of which i added as DS record for,

      hosting.daticloud in other words inheriting the DS record from parent domain.

      and now how i add DNSKEY for


  • I did further probing ... and see where there is a definite misconfiguration between the parent DATICLOUD.COM zone and the child HOSTING.DATICLOUD.COM zone.


    The DS record that the DATICLOUD.COM zone is publishing:

  86400 IN DS 44515 8 1 315156660E8FF103742A2958C45A9C933754628B


    should not be there! ... That DS record corresponds to the DNSKEY 257 record:

  86400 IN DNSKEY 257 3 8 (









    ) ; KSK; alg = RSASHA256 ; key id = 44515


    that is being published in the DATICLOUD.COM zone itself. And it is that DS record is what should be published in the COM zone (which currently is not publishing any DS records for DATICLOUD.COM, hence there exists no DNSSEC chain-of-trust right now).


    Here are my recommendations:


    {1} Remove that DS record from the DATICLOUD.COM zone. (Once you get your issue fixed between the DATICLOUD.COM and HOSTING.DATICLOUD.COM zones fixed, you can ask the DNS Administration for the COM zone to publish it.)


    {2} Now see if doing a dig to one of the authoritative DNS nameservers for HOSTING.DATICLOUD.COM (which are the same ones that are authoritative for DATICLOUD.COM) will show the DNSKEY records. For example, do a dig to []:


    dig @ dnskey +norecurse +multiline


    Now do you see the DNSKEY records for HOSTING.DATICLOUD.COM?


    {3} If you do, then for at least one of the DNSKEY 257 records, put in it's corresponding DS record into the DATICLOUD.COM zone; as implied before, you can use:


    tmsh list /ltm dns dnssec zone all-properties


    to discover this.


    Hope this solves the issue ... If not, we can look at it further.



    Dear Frabotta,


    As you said above that has the DS record which i added as DS record for it's child Domains.

    Yes you r true i did it by my self added DS reord of Daticloud as DS record of Hosting.

    So my question is again that should i make DS records for each Child Zones and it would be the same process as i did for parent like from making WIDIP for each Parent Zone and making KSK ZSK and making DNSSEC zones .


    Incase i don't see DNSKEY on dig then what i have to do.