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Jan 24, 2011

discovery problem!!!

Hello everybody,


the problem is we can't discovery network F5 object by Management Pack of SCOM (System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2).


The version of Management Pack is



The SCOM environment is installed on Windows Server 2008 v6.0 build 6002 SP2 with DB on SQL Server 2008.


The service account with start F5 Service on RMS, is the same of SQL DB F5_ManagementPack (is a user with Global Admin rights).



In the customer environment there are two Viprions (in cluster) with two blade per chassis. On the Viprion there is LTM software version 10.0.1 HF4.




The problem is:



When the Discover Devices Wizard of F5 Management Pack perform discovery appliances on the network, we insert the IP address and the credentials of BIGIP GUI (f.i. admin, admin or an user with Administrator Role) it shown the error in attachment (error event Windows - SCOM).



We try the same operation this time with ROOT credentials and the software perform the error in attachment (error event Windows - ROOT).



We try also to connect to the Viprion appliances by telnet on port 443 and 4353 (iControl). The firewall doesn't block this port, there is a rule "ad-hoc".



We connect correcty with browser to web service of iControl on the appliance ( ) and insert admin credentials. We enter correctly. This test we performed on the machine with RMS installed.






1) The SCOM environment is integrated with Active Directory, and perform discovery with an user of AD (with Admin right on the local server with SCOM installed);


2) On the Viprion web GUI there is local basic authentication (default) and not AD integrated.




Does exist a best practice to configure SCOM discover with a local user of Viprion? Can we configure on Viprion level authentication with AD only for the monitoring?



Could you help me, please???


Thanks in advance





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