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Feb 08, 2024

Design Ideas for Routing Traffic Between Two F5 LTM Appliances with Point-to-Point Fiber Connections

Hello Community,

I have a network architecture where I have two F5 LTM appliances, let's call them F5_A and F5_B, each connected directly with 4 fiber cables in a point-to-point configuration. My goal is to route traffic from nodes connected to F5_A to nodes connected to F5_B, and I want this traffic to be balanced across the four point-to-point connections.

Here are some details about the setup:

    F5_A's local LAN is on subnet
    F5_B's local LAN is on subnet

I'm seeking advice on how to configure the connections between the two F5 appliances and their respective local LANs to establish connectivity between the two networks and achieve load balancing across the point-to-point connections.

Do i have to use a forwarding IP VIP ? Or can i use a standard VIP ? 
Should i configure 4 point to point subnets and configure a route over all of them ? 

I spent two days , trying all kinds of configurations and nothing . When looking at the VIPs statistics , i was able to see in incoming traffic , but there was no outgoing traffic. I tried configure VIPs on each F5 that the other F5 will use as nodes , but still nothing. 

Any insights, best practices, or recommended configurations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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