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Nov 05, 2007

Clueless about these issues

Hi Fellows



I am trying to resolve an existing issue on a F5 BIGIP 8800 running v9.4.



1)The LTM is rejecting com on several (~9) applications, logging the following message:



*Packet rejected remote IP x.y.z.w port 80 local IP x.y.z.v port 3947 proto TCP: Port closed.



*The users complain about being solicited to re-authenticate several times during the day.



What can be done in the config to resolve this?



2)The system log generates the following error regularly



*bogus logical sector size 65535


*VFS Cant find a valid FAT filesystem on dev 08:15.



Linux/Hardware related, anyone solved it?



3)Is there a way to let HSRP traffic thru,


*the traffic log is jamed with packet rejected on port 1985.


How can HSRP traffic be let through without beeing processed by LTM?



For this one I kind of figured it out (ICMP_gateway_failsafe), but the guy in charge of the environment needs a confirmation from a bonafide source like you guys.



any pointers would help







Independant NETSEC consultant



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    1) It looks like you don't have anything set up to handle that traffic profile. Since LTM is default deny, some virtual server must be enabled for that traffic profile. How is the virtual server processing that traffic configured? (Sounds like you need a forwarding virtual server.)



    2) Please raise a Support case for this issue



    3) Same as 1