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Nov 09, 2021

Can F5 drop IP direct access to virtual server? Allow only URL access and no ssl validate.

We detect that there is customer using direct IP to connect with F5 virtual server.


But we want customer to connect by using URL only. so we create irule to detect HOST header as below


switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::host]] {

"" {

log local0. "[HTTP::host] allowed"


default {

log local0. "blocked"






Problem is F5 reject IP access as expected. But There is still certificate error page before F5 reject. (F5 reject in HTTP request state)

Can we reject/drop connection in ssl state? no need for customer to validate certificate error. (ie. detect URL from sni, etc)


Thank you

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  • As HTTP_REQUEST is event always triggered after TLS hanshake, this is expected. To meet your requirement, you would need to create LTM policy with something like below settings and remove this iRule.



    Let us know how testing goes.