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Sep 12, 2023

BIGIQ Applications and Resources

Hello, is there any limit number of applications/services that can be created on the BIGIQ?
Is monitoring the BIGIQ in any way loading the resources of the BIGIP devices?
I've already TCP/HTTP analytic profiles and WAF event logs in BIGIQ.
Is the application only a container in a BIGIQ that uses the telemetric data that already exists in BIGIQ and DCDs or every application will monitor the dedicated legacy service (VIP) on the BIGIP device and load the resources of the BIGIP?
I am asking that to understand if I had any limit to creating applications (legacy) or any other case that the BIGIP devices will be overloaded

Thank you for the answer

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  • When you attach a legacy app on the BIG-IQ it adds the TCP/HTTP analytic profiles on the BIG-IP and this could generate a load, so better use this for your most critical apps and maybe during an investigation when there is an issue you can create a legacy app from existing VS and then remove it after the investigation.


    That is my suggestion as exact numbers I can't give you for legacy apps as also it depends on the traffic of the legacy app but I think the BIG-IQ generated TCP/HTTP analytic profiles should have Transaction Sampling enabled, so that not every request is logged to BIG-IQ but I have forgoten if this check is enabled in the profiles. Still the VIP will more traffic may more utlize the BIG-IP when doing the logging.

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      Hi, Nikoolayy1 thank you for your response.
      We have already implemented custom HTTP/TCP profiles on most of our VIPS in BIGIPs.
      So when I create a new legacy app in BIGIQ, it costs additional resources, except the existing telemetric data sent to BIGIQ?
      If yes, can I create the same number of applications as the VIPS with HTTP/TCP assigned profile?

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        I don't understand your question  😀

        If you have profiles already logging traffic localy on the BIG-IP maybe test removing them on one VS and adding the legacy app from BIG-IQ then from BIG-IQ change the profiles to log traffic Internally and Remote as this is how traffic is send to BIG-IQ.


        Specifies that the system captures a portion of the application traffic which you can then view on the
        Captured Transactionsscreen.
        Specifies that the system captures a portion of the application traffic and sends it to a remote server. If you select this option, the
        Remote Publisheroption is displayed, where you select a log publisher.


  • Hi Nik Maybe I don't understand you right. The analytics profile is set on the VIP on BIGIP and I receive the data in BIGIQ.
    Also, I want to create an application in BIGIQ based on that VIP, so it's called legacy. 
    So, from my understanding, BIGIQ should use its existing data and show it in the container of the dedicated app. Am I right?

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      The legacy app creates analytics profiles to populate its dashboards (as you said the container of the dedicated app) but as I mentioned I have not tested if you already have attached profile if it will use them or attach secondary ones . You can test and if you see issues just remove the profiles , create the legacy app and see if you also get the same data under HTTP/TCP dashboards in BIG-IQ not just the legacy app dashboard/dedicated container.