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Dec 16, 2022

BigIP 5250 traffic limiting expertise

We have a pare of BigIP 5250 running v12.1.1 that are about to be decommissioned but in the interim we are looking for advice on configurating tuning to limit the flow of data for a series of port numbers.  We've tried several things but none of the actions are reducing the flow of data through the device.

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  • Hey cmac69 - I noticed your thread was originally posted in the Water Cooler, so I moved it to the Technical Forum. I'll feature it in today's Highlights article so people see it and can help out with an answer. Can you give any detail on the things you tried so far?

  • Hi cmac69, what have you tried (config snippets would be helpful) and what specifically are you trying to accomplish? As many details as you can provide will be helpful for the community to assist in your efforts.