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Jun 02, 2017

Best tools for network toubleshooting?



I am looking for any hints about tools used by more experienced members here. I am not hard core network geek so GUI based tools are proffered (and freeware) - for Windows and Linux platforms.


What I already know and use:


  • Wireshark - pretty obvious :-). I am using F5 plugin but wonder what other plugins are really useful in real life work?
  • Ostinato - seems to be very nice packet replay and crafting tool - will have to figure out how to replay captured traces but even without this knowledge it's very promising
  • Network Emulator Toolkit (Windows) - seems that it would be great for simulating different type of links (like changing RTT, packet loss, etc.) - just installed it and have no chance to play around.
  • TCP/IP Builder (Windows) - simple yet very useful tool to play with TCP/UDP connection setup
  • netem (Linux) - exception from my own rule - command line tool - but seems to be quite powerful in the same area as Network Emulator Toolkit



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  • None of these are fancy tools but are quite effective in solving daily troubleshooting issues:


    1. Ping.
    2. traceroute.
    3. nslookup/dig
    4. curl.
    5. Error logs on the device.
    6. tcpdump.
    7. Developer tools within a browser like Chrome/FF.
    8. Wireshark.