QuickMon - Network troubleshooting tool

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QuickMon is a small monitoring tool that provides instantaneous information regarding the network and application infrastructure.

It is configured to collect informations from BIG-IP devices using SNMP. Supported information in the current version are:

  • General Information
  • System CPU Usage
  • System CPU Cores
    • CPU Core Usage
  • System Memory Used
  • Network Interfaces
    • Interface Traffic
    • Packets Rate
    • Errors
  • Total Throughput
  • Total Connections
  • Total Connections Rate
  • SSL Transactions Rate
  • SSL Throughput
  • HTTP Requests Rate
  • LTM - Virtual Servers
    • Total Connections
    • Connections Rate
    • Traffic
  • LTM - Pools
    • Total Connections
    • Connections Rate
    • Traffic
  • LTM - Nodes
    • Total Connections
    • Connections Rate
    • Traffic

It's also possible to add custom items through the user's template support.

QuickMon is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. The source code, updates and more information can be found by accessing the project URL: https://github.com/renatoferreirarenatoferreira/quickmon

Code :

Published May 01, 2016
Version 1.0

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