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Nov 29, 2011

backup script help

hi Guys,



Need some assistance getting a backup script to work from a linux box.



here is the script, its pretty simple:




set host sydipreflb01



spawn ssh root@$host


expect ""


send "b config save /config.ucs\r"


send "scp /config.ucs root@jenkins:/var/lib/jenkins/backup/F5/sydipreflb01-`date +%d_%m_%y`.ucs\r"



I have shared SSH keys and all that works.


When the script runs, it logs onto the F5, sits there for about 2 seconds then just exits without executing the b config save and scp commands.



If i remove the 'send' from the script i get errors saying


"Active] config invalid command name "b config save /config.ucs


while executing


""b config save /config.ucs\r""



Any thoughts?