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Aug 11, 2022

After the bigip upgrade, the device status is abnormal and the configuration cannot be loaded

My device version is bigip-, the upgraded version is, ASM and AVR modules are used, and now after switching from version 14 to version 15, the status of the device changes to "UNKNOWN", and the configuration cannot be loaded , the module cannot be displayed and loaded normally, and it will return to normal after returning to version 14. Doing a "load sys config verify" reload also doesn't load properly.


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  • Did you re-activate your license before the upgrade?  This has happened to me when I neglected that step.

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      The license was not reactivated, the iso image was imported and installed, and then the switch was made, and no operation was performed on the license.

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        As said above check the validity dates on your license. Re-activivate it. Then try the load from the command line.

        If it fails, what's the error? What does it say in the logs? 

        There are seldom mysteries about a system not coming up. Clues should be liberally sprinkled through the logs and the console.



  • Hi longyuan

    I try to list step before upgrade version, could you try step below before upgrade ?

    1. Check about MA on your F5 BIG-IP device before upgrade version, It’s very important, In case you found any problem after upgrade version that relate the software, You need to open ticket to F5 support for investigate the case
    2. Check hardware compatible with software
    3. Check license information about service check date, Each version of F5 require update about reacitvate license for update date
    4. Download F5 version and check md5sum for confirm every on image version is ok  
    5. If posible, Please test upgrade version in your lab before upgrade on production for confirm about behavior or config change on BIG-IP system

    More information: cloud-ttrust