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Nov 06, 2010

404 status issue

Hello All,

I'm curious as this is weird behavior I've encountered with this set of code:






if { ([HTTP::status] equals "404") } {


if a 404 is return, then do a 301 redirect to our custom 404 page


HTTP::respond 301 Location "http:[HTTP::host]/portal/site/erp/404/"














Problem: If the page returns a 200 but there is a missing image, the redirect will take place. I was under the impression that the whole page has to returned 404 before to set the "HTTP::status" to true. Is that correct or am I missing something?




Any clarification is fully appreciated.












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  • A page is merely a collection of objects for which HTTP GET requests must be made. If for instance a page had 12 images, a 404 for any of them could trigger the rule. Also, HTTP::host shouldn't be used in HTTP_RESPONSE since there's no host header. You'll want to set a variable from HTTP_REQUEST and check the variable from HTTP_RESPONSE.

    Something like this would work:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
      set hostvar [HTTP::host] } }
    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
       if { [HTTP::status] eq "404" } {
      if a 404 is returned, send a 301 redirect for our custom 404 page
        HTTP::respond 301 Location "http://$hostvar/portal/site/erp/404/" } }

    Let me know if you have any issues with that.
  • Hello ,


    I understand, but what if condition would be used if you're just interested if the page it's self is rendered? Meaning we can ignore the x images that are missing as long as the page is found and renders to the browser.



    Please let me know.



    Thanks in advance.





  • TX,



    I didn't think the browser would follow a redirect if the 30x response came for an element within the page. Can you use a browser plugin like HttpFox for Firefox or Fidder to see exactly what's triggering the change of the page?