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Some clients suddenly unable to utilize Edge VPN Client


I got a call from one of my areas that I have the Windows Edge client deployed to that some of their workstations aren't able to establish a connection to the F5 server. The client will get stuck at 'initializing' and looking at task manager it appears to fire off the TunnelServer.exe process, but for whatever reason can't complete it's connection so it kills that process and starts another one.


Upon further inspection, it appears that there is some sort of issue on these clients related to a specific call which may or may not be COM related:


Info           2020-03-06 21:30:30:588   HOST                CHostCtrl::InstallComplete, All downloaded. Creating controls from callback Info           2020-03-06 21:30:30:588   HOST                \urSmartUpdateEx.cpp, USmartUpdateEx::RunClassProcEx(), Thread finished, 0 User           2020-03-06 21:30:30:588   HOST                starting local TunnelServer Info           2020-03-06 21:30:30:588   HOST                \HostCtrl.h, CHostCtrl::OnStartTunnelServer, enter Error          2020-03-06 21:30:46:994   HOST                \HostCtrl.h, CHostCtrl::OnStartTunnelServer(), (0x80020009) EXCEPTION - isReady() COM call failed, -2147352567 Error          2020-03-06 21:30:46:994   HOST                \HostCtrl.h, CHostCtrl::OnStartTunnelServer, EXCEPTION caught: CHostCtrl::OnStartTunnelServer() - EXCEPTION Error          2020-03-06 21:30:46:994   HOST                \HostCtrl.h, CHostCtrl::Failed, Failed to initialize local Tunnel Server (error: 0) Info           2020-03-06 21:30:46:994   HOST                CHostCtrl::ProxyClose(), enter Info           2020-03-06 21:30:46:994   HOST                CHostCtrl::PostProcessProxyDataThreadProc(), enter Info           2020-03-06 21:30:47:010   HOST                CHostCtrl::PostProcessProxyDataThreadProc(), Thread finished Info           2020-03-06 21:30:47:010   HOST                CHostCtrl::ProxyClose(), exit Error          2020-03-06 21:30:47:010   HOST                \HostCtrl.h, CHostCtrl::Failed, Firing OnError event (message: Failed to initialize local Tunnel Server) Info           2020-03-06 21:30:47:010   APPCTRL             CAppTunnelEx::DispatchEvent, Dispatch event: (VPN, /Common/Titanium, OnError2) message:Failed to initialize local Tunnel Server errorCode:0) Info           2020-03-06 21:30:47:010   APPCTRL             CAppTunnelEx::OnFavoriteClosed, Favorite (VPN, /Common/Titanium) closed Info           2020-03-06 21:30:47:010   Standalone          CConnectionMgr::StartReconnectMonitoring, [ConnMgr] Connection Mode: ALWAYS_CONNECTED. Session State: 2. Session Flags: 0 Info           2020-03-06 21:30:47:010   Standalone          CConnectionMgr::StartReconnectMonitoring, [ConnMgr] Reconnection Timer Created - SUCCESS Info           2020-03-06 21:30:47:025   HOST                \HostCtrl.h, CHostCtrl::OnStartTunnelServer(), exit Error          2020-03-06 21:30:47:525   HOST                CHostCtrl::OnTimer(), failed to obtain TunnelServer ready status, -2147352567 Error          2020-03-06 21:30:47:525   HOST                \HostCtrl.h, CHostCtrl::Failed, Internal error (error: 0) Info           2020-03-06 21:30:48:010   Standalone          CStandaloneDoc::OpenFavorite, Opening: /Common/Titanium


To contrast, and functioning client logs in that area look like:


Info           2020-03-06 16:33:34:296                       \Application.h, InitApplication(), initialization completed Info           2020-03-06 16:33:34:677                       CUTunnelServerX::_checkServer(), exit Info           2020-03-06 16:33:34:694                       \UTunnelManager.cpp, UTunnelManager::RunExecCommandProc(), process command Info           2020-03-06 16:33:34:694                       \UTunnelManager.cpp, UTunnelManager::attachToSession(), enter Info           2020-03-06 16:33:34:694                       \UTunnelManager.cpp, UTunnelManager.executeCommand(), command, session Info           2020-03-06 16:33:34:695                       \MainWindow.cpp, UMainWindow::WndProc(), WM_WOC_START Info           2020-03-06 16:33:34:695                       \Application.h, mEventHandlerSoftWOCStart(), enter

Has anyone else encountered this?



I think I tracked it down to the Windows Defender GPO settings 'Windows Defender Antivirus -> Windows Defender Exploit Guard -> Network Protection -> 'Prevent Users and Apps from accessing dangerous websites'; I've had issues with this setting before too...