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May 08, 2024

When F5OS r2800 appliance reboots, interfaces configured at tenant level for VLAN are lost

Hello Everyone,
I'm currently facing a weird issue on both r2800 series. A single tenant is configured on both r2800 series and whenever there is a power outage and the system reboots, all the interfaces are detached from the VLANs on the tenant.

So we build a script for a workaround to automatically attach the VLAN to its respective interface when the system starts up.

#!/bin/bash # Filename: /config/ source /usr/lib/bigstart/bigip-ready-functions wait_bigip_ready # Here you could perform customized command(s) after MCPD is found running when the BIG-IP system starts up. # Customized startup command(s) can be added below this line. tmsh modify /net vlan VLAN-162 interfaces replace-all-with { 1.5 { tagged }} tag 162 tmsh modify /net vlan VLAN-163 interfaces replace-all-with { 1.6 { tagged }} tag 163 tmsh modify /net vlan VLAN-164 interfaces replace-all-with { 1.5 { tagged }} tag 164 tmsh modify /net vlan VLAN-165 interfaces replace-all-with { 1.5 { tagged }} tag 165 tmsh save /sys config # Customized startup command(s) should end above this line. # End of file /config/ ------ # # NOTE: # This file will be installed in /config/startup and it will # be called by /etc/rc.local. # # - /config/startup is for customer config additions and # will be saved in UCS # # - /etc/rc.local should *not* be used by customers and # can/will be changed by F5 # /config/ &

Then, we tested on one of the r2800 series instances:

  • When the tenant is rebooted, the script works in the startup and attaches the VLAN to its respective interface on the tenant. 

  • However, when the F5OS hardware device is rebooted, all the attached VLAN to its interface on the tenant are lost and even the script does not work (I believe F5 OS is different than the old tmsh shell) which might be the reason behind the failure of script when the F5OS hardware reboots.
Is there any way to resolve this issues of losing attached VLAN on the interface and has anyone faced such before?

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  • This looks serious, did you create a ticket to F5 support? It seems like bug and F5 needs to know about that to get it fixed.

    Anyway I am happy I noticed this post, we have some rSeries box waiting for production, so I will test it if we have the same behaviour..

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      Yes, I did create a ticket and it has been more than two months and there is no findings behind the root cause of this issue.

      So I thought if anyone has faced the similar issues with r2800 series appliance, it would be helpful in the further troubleshooting of this issue.