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Move active connection from one node to another is same pool




I'm hoping someone can help, or clarify if this is possible or not.


Is it possible to move an active connection from one active node to another active node in the same pool? I know you can delete a connection using tmsh delete /sys connection, but this doesn't allow you to target the node you want to move the connection too.


Or could an iRule be created that allows the users themselves to be able to move their connection?


Thanks in advance for any help.



On what criteria do you want to move to another active node ? URI ?


you have an example with iRule here :

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [HTTP::uri] starts_with "/admin" } { node 8080 } }


Thanks for replying. The issue is that we have had to quickly ramp up our homeworking provision, which is causing us an issue when trying to remotely manage the users devices. The user needs to be connected to a specific node for us to be able to remote on to them for support. Currently I am having to find out their broadband IP address, and then disable all other nodes before I delete the connection to force it to connect to the only active node to allow management.


I was hoping there was a tmsh command to just move the connection directly to the required node, or some kind of iRule that could help with this?

If you have the source IP of your user, you can do something like that :

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [IP::addr [IP::client_addr] equals] } { node youserver } }


​I forgot to say this is DirectAccess using IP-HTTPS

Thanks, I will give this a try and hopefully it will work if the user is already connected to another node.   Should probably use a Data Group to make it easier to manage multiple IPs?

I'm not sure to understand your issue tbh, I just pointed you a method to change a connection to another server in the pool.


But don't hesitate to give me more details if you think it can help.