DevCentral 2024 - Share Another Day

On Jan 24th 2024 (almost exactly 2 years since the last big update) DevCentral will undergo a makeover.

Some global changes include:

  • Kudos are now called Likes
  • Subscriptions are now called Follows
  • Tags and labels have been combined and are now just all called Tags 

Some of the changes you will see - some additive and some subtractive and some in planning.
The reason for some things still not being available is because I chose to iterate early, in partnership with our vendor, to get some of the goods sooner than later. Naturally your feedback will help prioritize things that come next. 

Hit me in the comments if you have specific questions about something you don't see or grok here.

Category Additive Planning Subtractive
Overall UX Lots of little reminders embedded in the workflow.

Way better responsiveness - try it on your phone or tablet and let me know if it's more usable.
Personalization options (such as dark mode). More intelligent use of white space - tho there are still some lurkers - we'll get them.
Code Editor All the code syntaxes - not just our chosen few. Choose from a huge list in the language dropdown now with automatic line-numbering. Would like to have a "copy" button for ease of use.  
Badges   Your efforts will still accrue badges but they will not be visible for a while - they will come back.  
Posting Content The editor bar follows your page as you scroll and the edit page defaults to full size. The editor bar is part-hidden - plans to make it all show all the time.

Editor window size will be widened.

Markdown support is coming.
Some features such as FontSize and FontStyle are gone. Macros are gone - may not return.

Tagging Posts TypeAhead search is available and if you misspell it - you can edit tags both DURING post creation or AFTER you publish.   Labels - forget about them - they are just Preset Tags.
Following Content Subscriptions are now called Follows - found in My Settings RSS Feeds are not working. Not yet but on the roadmap.  
Photo Albums     This is out. Hardly anyone understood how to use it, you may not even have known you had one. More applicable to photo-heavy sites (art or selling). No plans to revive this as far as I know.
Article Templates   Our CodeShare template was useful for sure; but it was the only one we had and it showed up everywhere we wrote. When I can control this a bit better I hope to bring this back.  
CSS Styling     VERY complex CSS has been refactored on this new platform and that is a VERY Good thing. With a much simpler CSS on this platform architecture our ability to add/move/change elements is greatly streamlined.


Note: this list is not exhaustive. It represents things I expect you will think interesting.
I'm sure we will all discover a few more together as we go. 😉
If you see something, say something.

Published Jan 22, 2024
Version 1.0

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