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Monitoring Services - Orion SolarWinds Load Balancing


BIG-IP 13.1.1 Build 0.0.4 Final


Hi everyone,


Is it possible to monitor an individual service on a VM? I'm wanting to load balance our Orion SolarWinds servers. There are 2 @ datacenter1 and 1 @datacenter2. One of datacenter1's servers (ServerA) is a polling agent and a web server. The other (ServerB) is a secondary web server. The single server at datacenter2 (ServerC) is a polling/web server. SolarWinds is set up for HA failover.


My goal is to have the F5 be able to determine when the polling services has moved from ServerA to ServerC, and then mark ServerA down. I'm thinking all 3 servers need to be in the same pool? I have a test pool created now with a simple https monitor enabled. All pool members are showing UP. Our admin team for SolarWinds has designated the server service "SolarWinds Information Service V3" as the service that will determine if polling services are active on a particular server.


Is it possible to have the LTM monitor that particular service and be able to mark a pool member "down" when HA fail over occurs?