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LTM 6900 Status Light blinking amber after power outage




we have both LTMs and GTMs in our work environment and after a power outage , one of the 6900 LTMs can no longer boot normally and its Status light blinks amber . We do not have Vendor support . I took the 2 hard drives that were in that non working LTM and insert them in another working 6900 LTM to verify if the issue is with the hard drives or the LTN chassis , and this second LTM is now displaying the same problem : Status light blinking amber . As a matter of fact , we have a total of 4 6900 LTMs that are experiencing the same issue . When we power off and power the LTMs on , we do not see any lights on the hard drives , it is like the LTM can no longer detect the hard drives . The only option on the LCD is powering off and on the system .


Any help to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated . I spent 10 hours today troubleshooting and researching online , but no luck and not much info about this issue online


thank you in advance